Kent – 10th MTN DIV & Fort Drum Historical Collection – CandiAnne volunteered full time at the 10th MTN DIV & Fort Drum Historical Collection from 2007 until 2009 when the Army moved her family elsewhere.  She built our very first website.  As you move through the collection, each area’s walls are a different color to match that time in history.  CandiAnne had it so that each page of the website matched the colors of the walls.  The site visitor could get a feeling that they were actually here in the building no matter where in the world they were.

Vince – National Leather Association – International and National Leather Association – International Domestic Violence Project – Our website had been down for quite some time, CandiAnne came in and had the entire site back up and running in a matter of days.  She made sure there were forms to protect people’s personal e-mail addresses and moved our entire existance from Yahoo groups to groups hosted by us through our website.  She also manages our Facebook page in addition to another person on our Board.   Our Domestic Violence Project website is wonderful and closely matches what we use to have.  CandiAnne used the archive.org to find our old website, pull needed information and match the design we already had in place with some modernizing.  She informed us that archive.org is owned and maintained by the Smithsonian Institute for historical purposes of the internet.  They have a record going back numerous years of websites.  Everything she did was seamless and needed no input from us until each project was complete.

Gloria – Colorado Volunteer Support Services – I confirm that I have dealt with CandiAnne Shafer since 2014, during which time she has provided my business with excellent support in the areas of website engineering, site optimization, search engine analysis and site submission.  Her work has been a major factor in our website’s success.

I can confidently recommend CandiAnne Shafer as a solid and reliable supplier and expert in her field.

Paul – Voodoo Leatherworks LLC – “Within a couple of weeks of starting our business, “Love To Be Craftin” designed us a completely unique and custom webpage that provided the functionality we needed while sucessfully capturing our company’s image. Customer service has been exemplary with rapid respones to desired updates with no loss of connectivity for our customers!

Bill T – Sensual Paddles – “Excellent work! Fast, efficient with everything I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for better. She’s good and can interpret my requests into what the website needs (I’m not a geek) and then explain it in terms I can understand. Unlike some of the keyboard bangers she doesn’t give you this ‘well, I’ll have to develop the code so it will take months and $,000’s to give you what you want. I got exactly what I wanted at a reasonable cost.

Contact me if you have any questions “